Diagnostics & Fault Finding


We take great care to find the best car diagnostic solution to your problem, meaning that we can have your car running smoothly again without delay. No matter what part of the vehicle you’re struggling with, we have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly deal with it.


Our car diagnostic expert will be only too happy to talk to you about your vehicle, using their specialist knowledge to get to the root of the problem and get you on your way again in no time.

Many modern vehicles are equipped with on-board computers that are designed to provide the driver with the knowledge of a problem as soon as it occurs. Being able to see the problem as soon as it appears is reassuring and enables the driver to get the problem sorted before it causes damage to the vehicle.

This system or vehicle diagnostic tools are known as on board diagnostics(OBD) and are an extremely useful way to efficiently diagnose any difficulties within your vehicle. Our vehicle diagnostic technicians have been specially trained to understand the causes of the problems so that they are better able to fix them in the shortest amount of time.

Most modern vehicles now come equipped with a multitude of electronic control units to control various components for comfort and safety systems. With the development of can-bus systems it is crucial to have a good understanding, the knowledge and the right diagnostic equipment to rectify any faults that may occur. At Ricky Fenby Auto Electrical all our staff are highly trained and use the latest diagnostic equipment.


Components covered include:

 Fault Diagnostics & Coding

  • Air conditioning

  • Engine Management

  • ABS

  • Lighting

  • Central locking

  • Key coding

  • Heater motors

  • Windows

  • Indicators


  • In car entertainment

  • Satellite Navigation

  • Ad Blue


  • Wipers

  • Electric mirrors

  •  And much more


We also offer a ECU repair service and give the customer an option for us to source and fit second hand components.

Our auto electrician is highly trained and uses the latest diagnostic equipment.


  • Instrument clusters repaired

  • Second hand components sourced

  • Second hand components coded

  • Unbranded customer printouts

  • ECU repairs

  • Can-Bus fault finding

  • Diagnostics

  • Coding of new components

  • Manufacture software updates

When a warning light appears on your vehicle it means that the vehicles own diagnostic system has registered a fault in the form of a code, the modern vehicle can produce hundreds of different fault codes for various reasons

Warning Light On?

Ricky Fenby Auto Electrical have the latest diagnostic equipment and highly trained technicians to identity and solve any warning light issues.

Please note: for us to correctly diagnose and rectify a fault on a vehicle it is very important to receive as much information as possible, if codes have been erased and cleared prior to us inspecting the vehicle it could be more of a time consuming job.