Ricky Fenby Auto Electrical can supply and fit a full range of vehicle interior and exterior lighting

for all makes and models.

Safety Lighting - choose from LED light-bars, mini light-bars, beacons, strobes, rotators, LEDS and much more. 

We can advise you on the ideal choice of vehicle lighting for whatever business you’re in, from vehicle

recovery and wide load escort, to agriculture, security and haulage.

If your business specialises in Highway Maintenance, it’s vital that you fit the correct lighting to help meet essential Chapter Eight safety requirements. Please ask us about this if you’re unsure or need guidance – we’re very happy to help. Ask us about beacons & lights today.

Types of Lights:


 Work Lamp 

 Mini Light Bar 

 LED Warning Lights 

 Lamps & Markers 

 Interior Lamps 

Light Bar

Ricky Fenby Auto Electrical can repair lighting issues and can upgrade your lights to more efficient, white LED’s, or reprogram the computer to turn the lights on and off in various situations.