Dash Cameras

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Dashcams deliver many benefits –

  • Road accidents - Installing a dashcam can prevent many post-accident legal headaches & the ever growing injury claims by recording the facts, and with more & more insurance companies now recognising the dash camera as a valuable tool in assessing what happened and offering motorists discounts of up to 15% for having a dash camera fitted, it makes ultimate sense to have one neatly & discreetly, professionally fitted in your car with no wires on show.

  • Deterrent for vandalism - Most dash cameras are also fitted with parking security mode meaning if your car is parked up in a residential area or your driveway and your vehicle is either subject to vandalism or a typical car parking ding, you may well find your dash camera has caught the individual doing so and having footage of such events may prove useful in helping the police find the culprit.

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Our professional dashcam installers will fit your dashcam directly into your car electrics for a seamless and more reliable integration. 

We endeavour to complete all work to the highest standard, completing all installs with the correct tools ensuring no interior trim is damaged and fitting with precision to make sure the finish on all of our fits looks flawless & as factory finished as possible.

We can advise you on what dash cam  would suit you best (front facing? Front and rear facing?). We can supply and fit, or we can supply a fitting only service for customers who have already purchased the equipment.