Split Charging Systems

The main reason to install a split charge Relay kit in your vehicle, is to charge a second or leisure battery while you are driving. This means you will have enough power or charge in your second battery to use it when you are stopped, camped or working, to use whenever you need it.

split charge battery.jpg

A Split charge relay is simply just a heavy duty switch which is controlled by;

  • the vehicles ignition system,

  • a simple on off switch

  • or the more popular voltage sensitive relays which are the Simplest to install and are activated by a small electric circuit in the relay which detects the rise in voltage when the vehicle is started.

Battery to Battery Chargers

A battery to battery charger or B2B is an alternative to standard split charging converting energy from the main starter battery to a three or four stage battery charger offering the best charging system that you can achieve by charging your leisure battery up to 10 times faster than a split charge system will achieve and to a much higher level.

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